Wednesday, July 17, 2019

PARIS revisited once again

In his first book called A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway wrote:” there is never any ending to Paris”. 
The City of Lights is one of those rare cities where you can be sure to see or discover something new whenever you return. Paris is made for walking. Not blindly, but with eyes wide open with a desire to look for the unexpected. It can be just a small detail on a façade or round the next corner. Art, beauty, elegance, sophistication and a sense of simple grandeur characterize this unique city in a way unfound anywhere else. This is why artists from the four corners of the Earth have always been attracted to Paris. Those who only search for its landmarks will miss a grasp of its soul. It takes time to get into its feel and it also requires a sincere will to catch its relentless attraction. For Paris mysteriously connects to an exhilarating dimension that requires personal involvement. 
The few photographs below are an attempt to be in keeping with this exhilarating feeling of discovery.
An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” - Thomas Jefferson
Trees are part of the Parisian landscape
Avenue Georges Mandel, Trocadéro (XVIe)

On the left bank:

A hidden mansion, rue de l'Université
Street corner café
Typical Parisian architecture, rue du Bac

Les Quais de la Seine:

Pleasure boats (les bateaux-mouches) in front of Musée d'Orsay and in view of Le Louvre
Walk by the river

Pont Alexandre III:

                The bridge facing the right Bank and Grand Palais

Le Palais Bourbon, Assmblée Nationale
(House of Representatives)


Gilded horse on pillar
The Eiffel Tower in background
Bridge cherub

The expected & the unexpected:

A typical street café
A door ironwork window
Sign post

                     An unusual house entrance

Russian art gallery window

A colorful door-knocker

Gourmet paradise:

Androuet is the brand name of a cheese master

Lenôtre is a worldwide name for French pastry

Sometimes choosing a small Parisian restaurant
may reveal a fine culinary experience within
an unexpected décor.

Place de la Bastille:

This is where the French Revolution started. Today, it is a lively part of Paris having the Canal Saint-Martin nearby and of course the new Opera-Bastille
At Place de la Bastille
The Angel of Liberty
(duplicated in Mexico City & Buenos Aires)

The Opéra-Bastille

Place des Vosges (IVth district):

This is one of Paris loveliest square, where Victor Hugo once lived (his house is now a museum). The arcades are now the homes of many galleries, cafés and restaurants.

Overall view of the square
A café set under a square arcade
The square fountain
Typical square mansion
An old door under an arcade
Under one of the square arcades
A house façade
Christian Sorand

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